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Olefin, berbers, commercial, and Corterra carpets attract oily soils and inherently yellow or brown in the aftermath of high pH cleaners. Exact contains specially formulated detergents, surfactants, grease cutters and solvents to breakdown and suspend soils and oils inherent to these fibers.

The difficult task of restoring yellow or browned fibers may require an aggressive application of P.O.G. or wet solvent, such as invade. A 50/50 mix with water provides the punch to correct an initial treatment as a prespray and left to dwell for approximately 10 minutes. Extract with an acid based rinse agent or an alkali detergent buffered with Surely (citric acid) in a 1 to 1 ratio of concentrate per gallon of water.

Subsequent maintenance with Exact , diluted 10 to 1 as the prespray left on the carpet 10 minutes before extracting will help control this build-up. Rinsed with Remove (acid rinse) in your extractor or an alkali detergent combined with Surely 1 to 1 then mixed to each gallon of water. After both aforementioned applications follow up with a bonnet method cleaning using Bonne-Solv or Bonne-Solv II. Bonnet method affords quick drying to prevent wicking and control

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1 Gallon

Mix 6 to 12 oz. (depending on amount of soil) of Exact per gallon of water in a pump-up, electric or pressure sprayer and spray at a rate of 200 sq.. per gallon. Allow 10 minutes dwell time. Extract with acid rinse (Remove) or alkali detergent combined with Surely 1 to 1, then mixed per gallon of water. Follow up with bonnet method using


Test before use.


Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after handling.

Wear protective gloves. Wear eye/face protection.

Wear protective clothing