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Gentle is a liquid, high performance carpet detergent designed to exceed the performance level of most products on the market. It can be used in both truckmount and portable machines over all temperature ranges.

Gentle is unique in that it protects that stain resistance of carpets. It is the only choice when cleaning a stain resist carpet that is not going to be treated with Masterseries after it has been cleaned.

Just using a product that is lower than pH of 10, no quaternary compounds and a temperature of less than 150º F does not do it. Even plain water reduces that stain resistance of most carpeting.

Gentle protects the stain resistance better than any other product that we know of! And is an excellent cleaner that’s safe to use.

Meet all requirements for all stain resistant carpets.

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CAUTION! Stain resistant carpet will lose some of its resistance by just normal traffic. Make sure you and your customer know the condition of the stain resistance before you clean (will it hold water on the surface?), so your cleaning is not blamed for a preexisting condition.

If carpet is under warranty, check the carpet manufacturer’s limitations for temperature and abrasion. Usually temperatures not over 150° F at the carpet and no harsh scrubbing machines.

For Portable Extractor Machines: Use 1 oz. of Gentle per gallon of water. Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.

For Truckmount Extractor Units: To make the concentrate solution, use 1 quart of Gentle to 5 gallons of water. Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.


Wash thoroughly after handling.

Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.